Special Education Preschool

When Should A Child Be Referred To Child Find?

  • When a physical condition or a medical diagnosis interferes with the child's development and/or learning
  • When the child appears to have difficulty with vision or hearing
  • When the parent or people outside the family do not understand what is being said by the child 
  • When the child appears to have social or emotional difficulties that affect his/her development
  • When the child may not meet developmental milestones (physical, cognitive, adaptive, social-emotional, or communication)



                                       Evaluation Process
Step 1: Request a Meeting
A referral meeting is scheduled. Contact the preschool child find office at (251) 221-1455.
Step 2: Referral Meeting
The IEP team, including the parent, will meet to discuss the concerns for the child. At this meeting, the team will determine if an evaluation is warranted. If the referral is accepted for evaluation, the evaluator has 60 calendar days to conduct all evaluations.
Step 3: Evaluation
Evaluations are conducted by the appropriate special education staff member. Once the evaluations are complete, the team has up to 30 calendar days to schedule an eligibility meeting
Step 4: Eligibility Meeting
The IEP team meets to discuss the evaluation results and determines eligibility for special education services. If the child is determined eligible for services. The case manager has up to 30 calendar days to schedule an IEP meeting.
Step 5: Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Meeting
An IEP with developed-goals and the type of service delivery will be discussed.