Requirements for Enrollment

The Mobile County Public School System does not discriminate in its education and employment programs on the basis of religion, age, race, color, national origin, gender, marital or parental status, and disability.  This district complies with all Federal and state laws and regulations regarding discrimination.  Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed as follow.  For student inquiries contact Terrence S. Mixon Executive Director Division Of Student Support Services, P.O. Box 180069, Mobile, Alabama 36618 or call (251) 221-4246.  For employee inquiries contact George Smith, Employee Relations Administrator, P. O. Box 180069, Mobile, Alabama 36618 or call (251) 221-4531.                                                                

New Students

Students new to the Mobile County Public School System must present to the school at the time of enrollment, the following documents:

    Parent/Guardian photo ID
    Student’s Social Security Card
    Student’s Certified Birth Certificate
    Certificate of Immunization (Only Alabama issued immunization)
    Two proofs of residence
    Local school documents

Minimum Age at Which a Child May Enter School

A child who is five (5) years of age on or before September 1 or the date on which school begins in the enrolling district shall be entitled to admission to kindergarten in the public elementary schools at the opening of such schools for that school year or as soon as practicable thereafter.

A child who is entering the first grade must be six (6) years of age on or before December 31, or that an underage child who transfers from the first grade of a school in another state may be admitted to school upon approval of the board of education in authority, and an underage child who has moved into this state having completed or graduated from a mandated kindergarten program in another state shall be entitled to admission to the public elementary schools regardless of age.

Current Students

Each time a student enters a school for the first time, or each time he/she changes his/her address, new proofs of residence are required.

Documents Required for School Admission

Any student entering the Mobile County  Public School System, regardless of grade level, must first be enrolled.

The parent/guardian is to submit the following:

  • Parent/legal guardian photo ID:
    Driver license or non-driver license or other photo
  • Student’s Social Security Card:
    The district requests Social Security Numbers, however, disclosure of Social Security Numbers (SSN) is voluntary only. SSN’s are used by the district for the limited purpose of properly identifying students for record-keeping and transcripts, and are kept confidential.  The lack of or refusal to provide a SSN will have no impact on the district’s enrollment decision.  Students who enroll without a Social Security Number will be assigned an alternate identification number. 
  • Student’s Certified Birth Certificate:
     The district request birth certificates to verify that students fall within a minimum age requirement. However, the school district will not bar students from enrolling because they have a foreign birth certificate or present no birth certificate at all.  In those instances the school district will allow for the presentation of alternative documentation to prove age. 
  • Certificate of Immunization
    An immunization certificate is required for every student enrolled in Alabama public schools. Only Alabama issued immunization certificates are acceptable.  A new enrollee from another public school in Alabama will be conditionally enrolled pending receipt of school records containing the students immunization certificate. 

An immunization certificate is required upon enrollment for the following:

  • Any child entering kindergarten or first grade who has not previously attended school.
  • Any new enrollee transferring from outside the State of Alabama.
  • Any new enrollee transferring from a private school.  If no immunization certificate is presented at the time of enrollment, all other registration materials should be completed and the parent/guardian should be directed to the Mobile County Health Department where a temporary IMM 49 may be obtained before the child may attend school.
  • If a student transfers out of the system, the parent/guardian should be given the student’s original immunization certificate. The Immunization Certification is scanned in the student’s record.
  • When the IMM 50 is filed in the student’s permanent record, it should be duly noted on the Cumulative School Health Record.

If the parent/guardian can not provide the above documents assistance will be given through student support services, but child must be enrolled.


Provisions for Determining Residence of Students

Proofs of Residence

Two proofs of residence are required each time a student enters a school for the first time, or each time he/she changes his/her address, new proofs of residence are required.  

Required: One (1) proof that reflects physical residence.

Property Tax Records or Deeds

  • Property Tax Records or Deeds
  • Tax receipt record
  • deed
  • homeowners insurance policy
  • mortgage statement

Apartment or House Lease

  • Apartment or house rent receipt / Apartment or house  lease
  • renters insurance policy, or housing agreement
  • All dollar amounts are to be concealed

Required: One (1) proof from the following:  

  • Utility Bills or Utility Deposit Receipts
  • Income Tax Records from IRS to the Parent/Guardian
    Copy of check/correspondence from IRS.
  • Other Official Proofs
    Check or correspondence from the Social Security Office, Department of Human Resources (DHR), Food Stamp Office or Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF).
  • Bank Records
     Checking/Savings/Loan statement
     Investment certificate
  • Employment Records
    Company check/Verification from employer
  • Two (2) Credit Card Accounts (counts as one proof)  
    Any two (2) major credit card account statements
    All dollar amounts are to be concealed