Residence Assessment


* Living temporarily with a friend or relative due to loss of housing, eviction, economic hardship, or similar reason.
* Living in an RV park OR on camping grounds due to a lack of adequate alternative accommodations.
* Living in an emergency or transitional shelter.
* Living in a public or private place not designed for humans to live.
* Living in vehicles, parks, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations, etc.
* Migratory children living in the above circumstances.
* Unaccompanied Youth - child or youth NOT in the physical custody of parent/legal guardian.
* Parent/legal guardian is recently deceased or incarcerated.
* Parent/legal guardian is on military deployment and another person has to enroll the child.
* Student is placed by DHR, Court or other agency with someone other than parent/legal guardian.
* Staying in motel/hotel or pay-by-week-the-week establishment.

If you meet one of the above situations please fill out the: RESIDENCE ASSESSMENT FORM
If not, please complete: ONLINE REGISTRATION 

Homeless Education Assistance