Tenure Information

As of July 1, 2011, tenure (or non-probationary status) for both certified and classified employees is based upon the completion of three (3) consecutive school years of full-time employment with the same employer. Tenure/Non-probationary status is governed by statute.

A complete school year is defined by the Students First Act as one in which an employee is hired before October 1 of that school year and works through the end of the school year. If the employee was hired on or after October 1, then the school year they were hired in does not count toward tenured status.

Tenure is attained upon the completion (i.e. the last day) of the third full, consecutive school year, provided a notice of termination is not delivered within the time frame set forth by the Students First Act.

Service time as a classified employee does not count toward tenure as a certified employee and vice versa. If an employee is hired in a classified position and later accepts a certified position, their experience toward tenure starts over. This is also true of certified employees who accept classified positions.

Please review the following example for clarification.

A person is hired on 02/25/2014:


  •  2013/2014 – Not a complete school year, so this would not count toward tenure.
  •  2014/2015 – Year 1
  •  2015/2016 – Year 2
  •  2016/2017 – Tenured at the end of year 3, if notice of termination has not been delivered within the time frame set forth by the Students First Act.

To view the Students First Act, visit here: Alabama Education Association.

For a summary of the Students First Act (as it pertains to tenure),visit here: Students First Act