Voluntary Tenured Teacher Transfer

This process is only available to certified employees who have attained tenure.

Each school year, the Mobile County Public School System provides an opportunity for our tenured teachers to seek a voluntary transfer.  In April of 2017, a new electronic process was implemented for accepting Voluntary Tenured Teacher Transfer requests.  This new process provides a simple, efficient means for tenured teachers to apply for voluntary transfer while streamlining how Human Resources processes voluntary transfers internally.

Some of the changes to the process included:

    Online job advertisements for Voluntary Tenured Teacher Transfer- Elementary, Middle, and High School grade levels
    Online application process
    No limitation on the number of schools to which a transfer can be sought
    Online applicant review by Hiring Managers
    Electronic Request to Hire
    No paper forms available or accepted

Please refer to the table below for links to documents related to the Voluntary Tenured Teacher Transfer Process as well as the Internal Application login for teachers and the SearchSoft login for principals.