What is Inclusion?

Inclusion refers to the practice of supporting students with disabilities:

  • To meet individual learning and social needs 
  • Within their neighborhood schools  
  • Within general education classrooms
  • And alongside their non-disabled peers
Comparison of Mainstreaming and Inclusion


  • Identify child with something wrong
  • Profession driven model
  • Discipline bound IEP
  • Service happens outside the classroom
  • Goal: "fix" the student. Make the student normal so s/he can go back to regular class
  • Wants everyone to be the same
  • Child needs to change



  • Identify child with something different
  • Collaborative team driven model
  • Integrative IEP
  • Service occur within natural setting
  • Goal: reach child's potential. Make the student as independent as possible.
  • All students are included
  • Environment needs to change