504/Homebound/Hospital Services

The Mobile County Public School System provides a program of instruction for school-age students who are unable to attend school due to an illness or injury.

Homebound instruction is a temporary service for students with health issues. It is not designed to be the student's only provider of educational services. A full range of courses cannot be provided at home, therefore, requirements for graduation cannot be provided for students participating in the general education curriculum. The student's home school has the responsibility to consider all education options prior to the decision for Homebound/Hospital instruction. Maintenance of educational records will be the responsibility of the base school personnel. All Homebound/Hospital medical and school records are treated in a confidential manner.


In order to be considered for Homebound or Hospital Services, a student must meet the following criteria:

  •     The student must be enrolled in the Mobile County Public School System prior to the referral for Homebound or Hospital Services.
  •     The student must have an anticipated absence of fifteen (15) consecutive school days or more.
  •     The anticipated absence must be certified by a licensed physician as a need for home  or hospital confinement.
  •     The student must be able to receive instructional services without endangering the health and safety of the teachers or other
        students with whom the teachers may come in contact.
  •     The student must remain enrolled in the base school.