Employee Orientation

Welcome to the Employee Orientation page for the Mobile County Public School System! Take some time to view the instructional and informational videos below, and be sure to fill out the forms referenced in those videos. We have also included several documents for your review that provide everything from basic departmental contact information to overviews of available benefits for all new and existing employees.

We hope that you will find this page helpful both as an introduction to MCPSS and as a resource to answer questions you may have down the road. As always, the department of Human Resources welcomes any questions, comments, or suggestions, and we look forward to providing any support you need along the way. Thank you for your commitment, welcome to our system, and remember: Learning Today. Leading Tomorrow.


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My HR Docs

A very important part of your initial onboarding process is accessing your HR Docs page on your ALSDE online application. Please view this video for more information about accessing that page.

Payroll and I-9 Documents Via Employee Self Service (ESS)

During the hiring process, you will need to register for Employee Self Service in order to complete all applicable Payroll and I-9 documentation. Please review the User's Guide below for information regarding registration for the ESS system and the documents to be completed through it.

Processing Sign off Sheet

The Processing Sign Off Sheet contains several items to review/complete. View the videos below and complete all required steps mentioned.

MCPSS Insurance and Benefits

There are several insurance options and benefits available to MCPSS employees. View the videos and forms below for more information.

Frontline- Absence Reporting and Employee Terminal Access

The videos below provide information regarding employee absences, forms for reporting those absences, and information about accessing time punch terminals.

Facilities, Maintenance, and Custodial Employees (Including Building Maintenance Engineers)

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) requires that all employees who will be working in a maintenance/custodial capacity at school facilities receive asbestos awareness training. This training is mandated by OSHA, enforced by the EPA, and required once per year. This is not a certification to handle asbestos, it is only an awareness training.

Reference Documents

Please refer to the following documents for additional information as it pertains to Human Resources.


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