English As A Second Language


Mission Statement

The mission of the English as a Second

Language Program is to facilitate language

acquisition by providing quality

instruction, resources, and advocacy for

equitable educational opportunities to

graduate career ready citizens.



Did you know that the English as a Second Language and Migrant Programs of the Mobile County Public School System services over 2000 students representing over 60 different languages? Our students come from very diverse backgrounds and at times come to us with little or no previous instruction in the English language.                                

Our talented staff of teachers, paraprofessionals, and migrant liaisons is also composed of individuals from many different cultures. For example, we have staff from: Russia, El Salvador, Mexico, Vietnam, Panama, China, Peru, Venezuela and Egypt. In addition to teaching our students, our staff provides professional development and on site assistance for teachers who work with the English Learner. Our bilingual staff works to ensure parents and students are getting the information they need in a language they can understand through translations and interpretations. We even provide evening classes to assist parents to learn English. Our dedicated staff work to ensure that each and every student is not only proficient in the English language but also on the State’s challenging academic standards as well.

Kirsten Gentry
ESL/Migrant Coordinator

ESL Students


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