MCPSS students shine at Mobile Regional Science & Engineering Fair

Dakota Perry

Students from a number of Mobile County Public Schools took home awards from the 2020 Mobile Regional Science & Engineering Fair held last week at the University of South Alabama.

Dakota Perry of Dunbar School of Creative and Performing Arts won Best in Fair in the Junior Division for her project: Putting the Breaks on a Tsunami. Phillips Preparatory's Thomas Carmichael took second place  and won the Moore Family Statistical Excellence Award with "Are Mardi Gras Beads Toxic: A Test of Weights."

In the Senior Division, Davidson's Rachel Majumder,placed fourth in Best in Fair with her project, “Which Humectant Retains the Most Moisture?” Dev Mehta of Davidson won the Moore Family Statistical Excellence Award for “The Effect of Different Dilutions of Pomegranate, Lemon, Ginger, Tumeric Extracts on the Growth of E. coli. Bacteria.”

MCPSS students who placed in Best in Fair or the top three of their respective categories:

2020 Mobile Regional Science and Engineering Fair

Junior Division:

Best in Fair:

1.        Dakota Perry, Dunbar – “Putting the Breaks on a Tsunami”

2.        Thomas Carmichael, Phillips

The Moore Family Statistical Excellence Award:

1.       Thomas Carmichael, Phillips – “Are Mardi Gras Beads Toxic: A Test of Weights”

2.       Aris Rcihter, Clark-Shaw

3.       Madeline Borchert, Clark-Shaw

Category winners:

Behavioral & Social Sciences: 2. Cullen Host, Phillips

Botany/Zoology Group 1: Jonathan Russell, Clark-Shaw; 2. Destiny Bjorensen, Clark-Shaw; 3. Corbin May, Clark-Shaw

Botany/Zoology Group 2: Shelby Davis, Clark-Shaw; 2. Potter Boutwell, Clark-Shaw; 3. Lila Solano, Clark-Shaw

Chemistry, Group 1: Cooper Cox, Clark-Shaw; 2. Abigale van den Bosch, Clark-Shaw; 3. Jackson Reiney, Clark-Shaw

Chemistry Group 2: 1. Liam West, Phillips; 2. Oscar Jones, Clark-Shaw; 3. Lilly Bolton, Clark-Shaw

Engineering Group 1: 1. Caydn Eades, Clark-Shaw; 2. Elise Henderson, Clark-Shaw

Engineering Group 2: 1. Sariah Hossain, Phillips; 3. Neshwan Arif, Phililps

Environmental Science 1: 1. Dakota Perry, Dunbar; 2. Carley Eaton, Clark-Shaw

Environmental Science 2: 1. Thomas Carmichael, Phillips; 2. Josiah Cazalas, Clark-Shaw; 3. Vivianne Prerost, Phillips

Math & Computers: 1. Merrick Anderson, Clark-Shaw; 2. Ryan Morvany, Clark-Shaw; 3. Nolan Pham, Phillips

Medicine & Health: 2. Nathan Martin, Clark-Shaw; 3. Ginny Waites, Clark-Shaw

Physical Science Group 1: 1. Daltrey LaGros, Phillips, 3. Amanda Barnickel, Phillips

Physical Science Group 2: 1. Graham West, Phillips; 2. Kaleigh Freeman, Clark-Shaw

Physical Science Group 3: 1. Madeline Borchert, Clark-Shaw; 2. Robert Cowell, Clark-Shaw; 3. Quinn Huddleston, Clark Shaw


Senior Division:

Best in Fair:

4.               Rachel Majumder, Davidson -- “Which Humectant Retains the Most Moisture?”

       1st alternate: Julianne Berte, Davidson

       2nd alternate: Savannah Dinkel, Davidson

The Moore Family Statistical Excellence Award:

1.       Dev Mehta, Davidson --  “The Effect of Different Dilutions of Pomegranate, Lemon, Ginger, Tumeric Extracts on the Growth of E. coli. Bacteria”

2.       Samantha Oyler, Davidson

3.       Savannah Dinkel, Davidson

Category winners:

Animal Sciences: 2. Caroline Toler, Murphy; 3. Lily Welch, Murphy

Behavioral/Social Sciences: 1. Samantha Oyler, Davidson; 2. Charity King, Murphy; 3. Ava Zediker, Murphy

Biomedical & Health Sciences: 1. Tonia Pettway, Murphy; 2. Savannah Dinkel, Davidson; 3. Cat Elortegui, Murphy

Cellular/Molecular  Biology/Microbiology: 1. Addie Allred, Murphy; 2. Dev Mehta Davidson; 3. Ta’Niyah Phalo, Murphy

Chemistry: 1. Liberty Wigen, Davidson; 2. Rachel Majumder, Davidson; 3. Maria Moxey, Davidson

Computer Science: 1. Taya Scott, Murphy; 2. Taylor Carey, Murphy; 3. Phoenix Brayan, Murphy

Earth & Environmental Science: 1. Casey Dinkel, Davidson

Energy Chemical/Physical: 1. Haydan Emmertson, Davidson; 2. Oluwatimilehin Ogunade, Murphy; 3. John Boucher-Ferry, Murphy

Engineering Mechanics: 1. Triston Buckley, Murphy; 2. Ansley Perea, Murphy; 3. Dashiell Allred, Murphy

Environmental Engineering: 1. Julianne Berte, Davidson; 2. Dustin Brown, Mary G. Montgomery; 3. Tucker Horn, Murphy

Materials Science: 2. Jordan Hobbs, Murphy; 3. Keondra King, Murphy

Physics and Astronomy: 1. Pierson Easter, Murphy; 2. Tyler Thornton, Murphy; 3. Matthew Leyk, Murphy

Plant Sciences: 2. Marie-Claire Don Jayawardena, Davidson; 3. Callie Thompson, Davidson








Dakota Perry