Empatico: Dawes teachers building empathy through service learning

service learning

How can 40 classrooms from across the United States work together to build empathy in our next generation through service learning projects?

Dawes Intermediate teachers Lesley Bennett Mullin and Lynzi White and their students are going to show us how.

Through a partnership between Empatico and the National Network of State Teachers of the Year, Mullin and White have been selected among educators across the country and world to launch the third Empathy Challenge Fellowship during the 2019-20 school year.

The topic of this fellowship is “Empathy in Your Backyard.” It will guide students through service learning projects, including identifying challenges in their community, conducting research, and developing and implementing a solution.

During their projects, students will also connect with a partner classroom in a different city or country through live video exchanges. Through these connections, students will share stories and insights, learn and understand life in a different community, provide support and encouragement to each other, and develop and practice key social skills.

Congratulations to Lesley Bennett Mullin and Lynzi White who have been chosen to participate in the incredible opportunity!