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Bid Responses

PLEASE NOTE: The following are responses to "Invitations To Bid" and are for information purposes only, and does NOT indicate an award. These responses are to bids that have been opened, but NOT BOARD APPROVED. This will hopefully allow information to bidders that could not attend the bid opening. The successful vendor will receive an official award notice via email after Board Approval.

The responses will remain on the web site for Sixty (60) days from opening date.

Click on the Bid Number to view responses in Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Bid Number

Bid Name

Date Bid Opened

17-07 Rental of Portable Classrooms 1/31/17
17-08 Light Fixtures 2/1/17
17-10 Plumbing Supplies 2/7/17
17-11 Contract Labor for Scoreboard Repair 2/9/17
17-12 Portable Modular Building 3/14/17
17-13 Paper 2/14/17
17-15 Muscial Instruments And Accessories 3/3/17
17-16 Liquidfied Petroleum Gas & Equipment 3/28/17
17-18 Playground Equipment 3/6/17
 17-19 Recapped Tires  3/317
17-20 Building Materials 3/7/17
17-21 Rebid Contract Labor for Scoreboard Repair 3/8/17
17-25 Portable Combination Laptop Locks 3/21/17
17-26 Metal Doors


17-27 FRP Doors 3/23/17
17-31 Band Instruments 3/30/17
17-33 Elevator Maintenance 3/31/17
17-34 Plumbing Supplies (Pipe & Fitting) 3/31/17
17-38 Ready Mixed Concrete 4/4/17
17-39 Fire Alarm System 4/11/17
17-40 Cafeteria Equipment - Installed 4/6/17
17-41 Cafeteria Equipment - Non-Installed 4/6/17
17-42 Wall Mount Heat Pumps 4/12/17
17-43 Portable Classroom Relocation 4/18/17
17-44 Lawn Equipment 4/20/17



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