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Safety & Discipline


It is the objective of the Mobile County Public School System to create a safe, secure, law-abiding environment, which is conducive to learning. In order to accomplish that objective it is necessary for local school administrators to "set the tone" and then rely on the back up and support of the Security Department. The Security Department provides that back up and support through a variety of initiatives. Those initiatives include the Resource Officer Program, The Uniformed Security Officer Program, and the Contract Uniformed Security Program. As with most organizations, the degree of success is directly related to the performance of the employees. The employees of the Security Department are truly a most valuable asset. The Security Department employees are experienced, knowledgeable professionals, who are dedicated to the accomplishment of the aforementioned objective. The Security Department also employs technology in the form of video surveillance camera systems, intrusion alarm systems, electronic communication systems, metal detectors, and computers to supplement and enhance the efforts of its employees. The Security Department also benefits from an excellent, cooperative working relationship, which has been aggressively solicited and established with all local law enforcement agencies. An example of same would be the routine scheduling and use of the various law enforcement agencies drug dogs on the school campuses. The Safeline Program, which is supported by Cingular Wireless, is also a valuable initiative, providing a vehicle for the confidential reporting of information related to any problem at a local school. Every effort is made to ensure that a local school campus is the safest place to be for a student or employee of the Mobile County Public School System.


The Mobile County Public School District currently has in place an anonymous reporting procedure. The SafelineSM Program, which is sponsored by AT&T, provides an anonymous tip line for students, parents, teachers and the general public to report suspicious or potentially dangerous activity on a school campus or at a school sponsored activity. A caller can dial the SafelineSM contact number from any telephone and, without revealing his or her identity, can leave a detailed message concerning the incident being reported. The SafelineSMProgram affords the Mobile County Public School District the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

The SafelineSM contact number is 377-7233 or 377-SAFE.

Second Chance Alternative Program

The Second Chance Alternative Program is designed to serve students who are unsuccessful in maintaining appropriate behavior and for whom disciplinary actions have been exhausted in their assigned school. The program is designed for students currently on long-term suspension (11 days to the end of the semester). The controlled environment and attention required for such disruptive students require an alternative setting for behavioral improvement.


The goals for students enrolled in the program are as follows:

1. To increase self-control, self-discipline, responsibility, and awareness;

2. To improve conflict resolution skills;

3. To improve academic performance; and

4. To improve self-esteem


The Pathway
Ronald Coleman, Principal

Location: Campus of Mobile County Training Middle School

800 Whitley St
Mobile, AL 36610
(251) 221-5010

Right of Appeal to the Superintendent's Discipline Committee

After receipt of the principal's decision, an appeal may be made by the parents or guardians by notifying the Division of Student Support Services of their desire to have the student's case reviewed by the Superintendent's Discipline Committee. All appeals must be filed within thirty (30) calendar days of the decision.

The principal, upon being requested, shall file immediately with the Division of Student Services a complete background report on the suspended student's deviant behavior and shall explain the efforts made by the school personnel to obtain the student's cooperation in resolving the problem.

A conference shall be scheduled as soon as possible with the Superintendent's Discipline Committee. The suspended student, parents, or guardians, the principal of the school suspending the student, or the principal's designee, shall be present for the conference.

Rights allowed under Section V, Item D.6b and 6c must be provided.
The Superintendent's Discipline Committee shall be composed of the Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services or his/her designee and two other professional personnel approved by the Superintendent.

The student and parent may exercise the right to have legal counsel, in an advisory capacity, at the conference. If legal counsel will be present at the conference, the Division of Student Support Services must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to provide the Board of School Commissioners an opportunity to have legal counsel present as well.

Decision of Superintendent's Discipline Committee

The committee shall:

  • Review action of principal to assure that due process was provided.
  • Review action of principal with reference to the MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM action required by policy.
  • Review the student's total discipline record and the previous action of the school officials.
  • Make a fair and reasonable decision concerning the best interest of the student and the total school population.

The committee is authorized to:

  • Uphold the action of the principal.
  • Uphold the action of the principal and authorize an alternative assignment.
  • Modify the action of the principal, but action must be in keeping with the policy of the Board of School Commissioners.
  • Re-admit student to school on a probationary basis unless prohibited by the minimum action required by the policy of the Board of School Commissioners.

Notice of Decision by Superintendent's Discipline Committee

The recommendation of the decision of the committee shall be forwarded to the Superintendent for approval or disapproval.

The parents or guardians are provided, in writing, the decision of the Superintendent's Discipline Committee as approved by the Superintendent.


The Mobile County Public School System is committed to ensuring that the content on this website is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities and users of assistive technology. For more information, see our Section 504 Grievance Procedures. Mobile County Public Schools has earned and maintains system accreditation through AdvancED.