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Your PRE-SCHOOL student

Contact: Paula Reese (221-5218)

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Pre-School Sites

Preschool Registration for the 2014 - 2015 School Year Was Held on Friday, April 11, 2014:

  • Parents, if you missed the pre-registration date, please contact the site you are interested in your child attending and their name will be placed on the waiting list. You may also contact Paula Reese at 221-5218 or email to have your child placed on the waiting list.
  • If you participated in the pre-registration process on April 11, 2014 you will receive a letter before May 9, 2014 notifying you if your child was selected for the Preschool program. 

Please see the "Additional Pages" for a list of Pre-School sites. 

About our Pre-School Division:
The Mobile County Public School System serves at-risk children and their families in preschool units, consisting of twenty (20) four-year-olds, a teacher, and an assistant that have been placed in Title I elementary school sites and the Just 4 Developmental Laboratory. Approximately 980 children are served in these units.

Preschool Philosophy:
We believe young children should be involved in direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, ideas, and events. Children’s intellectual, social, emotional and physical development occurs naturally when they are engaged in active learning opportunities of exploration and discovery. Adults facilitate child-initiated activities that promote investigation, decision-making, cooperation, persistence, and problem solving.



The purpose of Preschool is to provide educationally disadvantaged students with readiness skills enabling them to be successful at the next developmental level.


Services/Activities Available:

The Preschool Program provides families and children with many experiences including:



  • Parental Involvement Opportunities
  • Field Trips
  • Parenting Classes
  • Movement Classes
  • Intervention Referrals
  • After School Care (selected sites)
  • HIPPY (Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters)

Selection Criteria:

The following are requirements after you receive your "selection" letter for continued registration for the  Preschool Program:

· Reside in a Title I attendance zone

· Four years old on or before September 1, 2014

· Certified Birth Certificate

· Current Immunization Record

· Valid Social Security Card

· Meet eligibility guidelines (as determined by screening instrument)

* Parents registering their child must have a valid picture ID and two proofs of residence.

* Parents may register at one preschool site, registering at multiple sites will disqualify your child.


The Mobile County Public School System uses the Boehm Test of Basic Concepts to assess children's eligibility for participation in the Preschool Program. The Boehm Test of Basic Concepts-Preschool Version (Boehm-Preschool) is designed to measure a child's knowledge of twenty-six basic relational concepts considered necessary for achievement in the beginning years of school. These measured concepts are basic relational skills that help children understand and describe the world around them. Those children that demonstrate the greatest need are prioritized for participation in the program. A maximum of 20 students are served in each Preschool unit.