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Water Quality Testing

Due to questions raised by Fox 10 regarding water quality in several of our schools, Mobile County Public Schools asked a state-certified laboratory to test water in those schools for lead. 

“Laboratory results did not indicate the presence of lead above the reporting limits in any of the samples analyzed,” according to Bruce F. Steiner, CHMM, Environmental Project Manager with Thompson Engineering. 

Those schools – which were selected for testing by Fox 10 – are: Alba Middle, Dauphin Island Elementary, Murphy High, Davidson High, McDavid-Jones Elementary, Lott Middle, Baker High and Causey Middle.

We wanted you, as a stakeholder in Mobile County Public Schools, to be able to see the complete results of the tests. Click here to see the full report.

Currently, state or federal environmental agencies do not require schools to test water for lead. The Alabama Department of Education released a plan this week to assist all public school systems with voluntary testing for lead in drinking water over the next three years. 

The samples were analyzed by TestAmerica, a laboratory that is certified by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management to conduct this type of testing. 


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