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Attendance Zone Information

Folder 2013-14 Rezoned Attendance Zone Maps (5 Files)
Download Collier New Revised 5-28-13
Download Collier-Taylor White Changes
Download Orchard-New
Download Tanner Williams-New
Download Taylor White New Revised 5-28-13
Folder 2013-14 Rezoned Street Lists (5 Files)
Download Collier Revised Street List
Download Streets Sent Back to Collier
Download Taylor White Revised Street List
Download Streets Fr Tanner Wms to Taylor White
Download Streets Rezoned To Orchard
Folder 2014-15 Rezoned Attendane Zone Maps (Closing Mertz) (6 Files)
Download Caighead New 2014-15
Download Hall New 2014-15
Download Leinkauf New 2014-15
Download Maryvale New 2014-15
Download Morningside New 2014-15
Download Spencer-Westlawn 2014-15
Folder 2014-15 Street Lists (Closing Mertz) (1 Files)
Download Street List-Closing Mertz
Folder Elementary Attendance Zone Maps (J-Z) (19 Files)
Download Leinkauf
Download Maryvale
Download McDavid-Jones
Download Meadowlake
Download Morningside
Download Orchard
Download ORourke
Download Robbins
Download Saint Elmo
Download Semmes Elementary
Download Shepard
Download Spencer-Westlawn
Download Tanner Williams NEW
Download Tanner Williams OLD
Download Taylor White Revised 5-28-13
Download Turner
Download Whitley
Download Will
Download Wilmer
Folder Elementary Attendance Zone Maps(A-I) (31 Files)
Download Allentown
Download Austin
Download Belsaw Mt Vernon
Download Booth
Download Brazier
Download Breitling
Download Burroughs
Download Calcedeaver
Download Castlen
Download Collier and Taylor Changes
Download Collier New Revised 5-28-13
Download Collins-Rhode
Download Craighead
Download Dauphin Island
Download Davis
Download Dixon
Download Dodge
Download E R Dickson
Download Eichold-Mertz
Download Fonde
Download Forest Hill
Download Gilliard
Download Grant
Download Griggs
Download Hall
Download Haskew
Download Hollingers Island
Download Holloway
Download Howard
Download Hutchens-Dawes Interm
Download Indian Springs
Folder High Attendance Zone Maps (12 Files)
Download Baker High School
Download BC Rain High School
Download Blount High School
Download Bryant High School
Download Citronelle High School
Download Davidson High School
Download LeFlore High School
Download Montgomery High School
Download Murphy High School
Download Theodore High School
Download Vigor High School
Download Williamson High School
Folder Middle Attendance Zone Maps (17 Files)
Download Alba Middle
Download Belsaw Mt Vernon
Download Burns
Download Calloway-Smith
Download Causey
Download Chastang
Download Denton
Download Grand Bay
Download Hankins
Download Lott
Download Mae Eanes
Download Mobile County Training
Download North Mobile KG-8th
Download Pillans
Download Scarborough
Download Semmes
Download Washington


Mobile County Public Schools has earned and maintains system accreditation through AdvancED.