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Topic Department Phone
Accident Reports: Students & Employees Health Services 221-4296
Accident: School Buses/System Vehicles Transportation Services 221-5260
Account Numbers Budget Department 221-4506
Accredited Schools (AISA/SACS) Guidance Services 221-4310
Adaptive PE Special Education 221-4225
Administrative Writing Test Human Resources 221-4524
Alabama High School Graduation Exam - General Information Guidance Services 221-4310
Alternative Certification Human Resources 221-4590
Alternative Placement: Phoenix Program /Hillsdale/P.O.I.N.T. Student Services 221-4257
Amendments to Budget Budget Department 221-4506
Annual Report Office of Communication 221-4003
Archiving Management Information Systems 221-4566
Assignment of High School Teachers Human Resources 221-4526
At-Risk Programs Federal Programs 221-5224
Athletics/Drivers Ed. Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Attendance Zone Determination Student Discipline/Placement 221-4254
Attendance Zone Transfers (Students) Student Services 221-4256
Attendance: DAISI/Student Data Management Attendance Services 221-4277
Attendance: Report Kids Not Attending School Attendance Services 221-4276
Background Checks Human Resources 221-4522
Bid List / Requirements Purchasing Department 221-4473
Board Recognitions Office of Communication 221-4003
Bomb Threats Security 221-4108
Break-Ins/Burglaries Security 221-4108
Breaking & Entering Vehicles Security 221-4108
Broken Furniture (removal) Distribution Center 221-5115
Budget Information Budget Department 221-4506
Bulletin Boards/Display Office of Communication 221-4003
Bus Accidents Security 221-4108
Bus Driver Physicals Health Services 221-4296
Bus Driver Recertification: Regular Drivers Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Driver Recertification: Substitute Drivers Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Driver Training Certification: Prospective New Drivers Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Driver: School Assignments for Regular Driverst Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Driver: Special Assignments Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: Alternative Schools Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: Magnet Schools Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: Majority to Minority Transfer Students Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: School Choice Transfer Students Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: Special Education Transportation Services 221-5260
Bus Route Information: Zone 1 (North Area) Transportation Services 221-5248
Bus Route Information: Zone 2 (West Area) Transportation Services 221-5242
Bus Route Information: Zone 3 (South Area) Transportation Services 957-1230
Bus Route Information: Zone 4 (Inner City) Transportation Services 221-5248
Business/Marketing Education Career Technical Department 221-4019
Calendar (School) Student Discipline/Placement 221-4245
CAPP Program Security 221-4108
Child Abuse Allegations Security 221-4108
Child Abuse Reports Health Services 221-4293
Child Nutrition Business Operations 221-4374
Christmas Open House Office of Communication 221-4003
Comprehensive School Reform Federal Programs 221-5220
Computer Repairs for Central Office Management Information Systems 221-4566
Computer Repairs for Schools Microcomputer Services 221-5142
Construction of New Facility Facilities 221-4622
Continuing Education: Nurses Health Services 221-4293
Cooperative Education & Career Technologies Career Technical Department 221-4019
Counselor Curriculum Guidance Services 221-4310
Counselor In-service Training Guidance Services 221-4310
Criminal Behavior occurring on MCPSS property Security 221-4108
Deliveries (Furniture/Equipment) Distribution Center 221-5115
Diploma Requirements/Types Guidance Services 221-4310
Diploma/Certificate Status Advisement Guidance Services 221-4310
Diplomas/Certificates Issued Guidance Services 221-4310
Disability Claims Human Resources 221-4528
Drexel Grant Human Resources 221-4590
Driver’s License: Revocation of students’ license Attendance Services 221-4278
Drop-out Data Student Discipline/Placement 221-4256
Drug Abuse Security 221-4108
Drug Education Drug Education 221-7233
Drug Tests: Employees Health Services 221-4296
E-Mail Passwords and ID’s Management Information Systems 221-4566
EEOC Issues Human Resources 221-4531
Elementary Schools Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Emergency Vehicles on Campus Security 221-4108
Employee Assistance Program Human Resources 221-4531
Employee Health/Office Nurse Health Services 221-4296
Employee Matters Human Resources 221-4531
Employee Misconduct Security 221-4108
Employment Counseling Referrals Human Resources 221-4531
Enrollment Projections: New Construction Student Discipline/Placement 221-4254
Environmental Studies Center Curriculum & Instruction 221-5000
ESL Special Education 221-5189
Even Start Family Literacy Program Federal Programs 221-5218
Exemption to Work Past 10 p.m. for students Student Discipline/Placement 221-4245
Family & Consumer Science Career Technical Department 221-4019
Federal Impact Aid Survey Student Discipline/Placement 221-4256
Fights Security 221-4108
Fine Arts/Music Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Fire Security 221-4108
First Aid Health Services 221-4294
Fixed Asset Budget Department 221-4494
Fueling Information - School Buses/System Vehicles Transportation Services 221-5260
GED Bishop State Community College 473-8692
Gifted Students Special Education 221-4228
Grade Enhancement Guidance Services 221-4310
Graduation Requirements Guidance Services 221-4310
Graduation Videos TV Studio 221-3119
Graphic Arts Graphic Arts 221-5128
Grievances/Mediation Human Resources 221-4531
Guardianships Student Discipline/Placement 221-4259
Guidance Program Student Discipline/Placement 221-4310
Health Supplies: Gloves/Aprons/Lice Sticks/ Sharpes Containers Health Services 221-4295
Health: (CPR) Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Health Services 221-4294
Health: Communicable Disease Reports Health Services 221-4297
Health: Dental Program Health Services 221-4297
Health: Eye Glasses (Lions Club) Health Services 221-4297
Health: Scoliosis Program Health Services 221-4294
Health: Special Procedures (tube feeding/catherization/trache/etc.) Health Services 221-4294
High Hopes Program Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
High Q Bowl Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
High School Credit for Courses Taken Prior to Grade 9 Guidance Services 221-4310
Home School: General Information and Application Attendance Services 221-4276
Homeless Children and Youth (Education for) Attendance Services 221-4276
Homeless Education Federal Programs 221-4276
Hospital/Homebound Special Education 221-5185
Indian Education Federal Programs 221-5211
Injury: Job Related Health Services 221-4296
Installation of Technology Wiring Facilities 221-4622
Insurance Information Comptroller / Insurance 221-4456
Job Line Human Resources 221-4547
JROTC Program Curriculum & Instruction 221-5100
Land Leases (Hunting, Farming, Oil & Gas, etc.) Land Management 221-4330
Law Enforcement Inquiries Security 221-4108
Lawn Maintenance Land Management 221-4330 Microcomputer Services 221-5142
Leaves of Absences Human Resources 221-4528
Library Media Curriculum & Instruction 221-4058
Limited English Proficient Federal Programs 221-5189
Lockdown Security 221-4108
Magnet School Program Curriculum & Instruction 221-4039
McAleer Assistance Management Information Systems 221-4566
Media Calls Office of Communication 221-4003
Migrant Education Federal Programs 221-5189
Missing Students Security 221-4108
Mobile County Education Association 476-3145
National Security Concerns Security 221-4108
Neglected and Delinquent Youth Federal Programs 221-5220
Network Software Installation for Central Office Management Information Systems 221-4566
Network Software Installation for Schools Microcomputer Services 221-5142
News Releases Office of Communication 221-4003
Newspaper Articles Office of Communication 221-4003
No Child Left Behind (Students) Federal Programs 221-5209
No Child Left Behind (Teacher Criteria) Human Resources 221-4521
Non-Accredited Schools/School Settings Transfers Guidance Services 221-4310
OCR Report Student Discipline/Placement 221-4245
On-the-Job Injuries Human Resources 221-4528
OT/PT Special Education 221-4220
Parenting Programs Federal Programs 221-5218
Paving/Repairing School Parking Lots Land Management 221-4330
Payroll Information Comptroller / Payroll 221-4449
Phone Issues Technology 221-4574
Plectron Office of Communication 221-4003
Position Control Program Human Resources 221-4531
Power Outages Security 221-4108
Pre-Kindergarten - 4-Year-Old Programs Federal Programs 221-5233
Pre-School Special Education 221-1455
Private School Services Special Education 221-4218
Private/Parochial Schools Federal Programs 221-5211
Professional Development Federal Programs 221-5220
Psychological Testing Psychological Services 221-4132
Psychological Testing and Test Score Questions Psychological Services 221-4128
PTA/PTO Office of Communication 221-4003
Purchase Orders Purchasing Department 221-4473
Ranking of Students Guidance Services 221-4310
Records (School): Students Attendance Services 221-4281
Renovation of Existing Facility Facilities 221-4622
Report Cards Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Requisitions Purchasing Department 221-4473
Resignations Human Resources 221-4525
Retirement Issues Human Resources 221-4531
Retirement Reception Office of Communication 221-4003
Retirement/Drop Information Human Resources 221-4525
Rocks, sand, gravel, etc. for school campuses Land Management 221-4330
Safe and Drug Free Schools Federal Programs 221-7233
Safe Line Security 221-4108
Sale or Purchase of Property Land Management 221-4330
School Educational Science Field Trips Environmental Studies Center 221-5000
School to Work (Summer Jobs) Career Technical Department 221-4019
Schoolwide Programs Federal Programs 221-5220
SECME Federal Programs 221-5225
Secondary Schools Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Sexual Harassment Issues Human Resources 221-4531
Sick Leave Bank Human Resources 221-4528
Special Education Instructional Support Center (SEISC) Special Education 221-5188
Special Transportation Special Education 221-4220
Staff Development Federal Programs 221-5200
STI Help Desk Microcomputer Services 221-5142
Student Insurance Student Discipline/Placement 221-4259
Student Misbehavior (On and Off campus) Security 221-4108
Students with Disabilities Special Education 221-4218
Sub Finder - Employee Absence Reporting System Human Resources 221-4558
Subpoenas Security/Human Resources 221-4108
Substitute Teacher Information Human Resources 221-4551
Summative Evaluation Appeals Human Resources 221-4531
Summer School Curriculum & Instruction 221-4141
Surrogate Special Education 221-4227
Suspension Data Student Discipline/Placement 221-4257
Suspensions/Expulsions Appeals Student Discipline/Placement 221-4255
Talents Unlimited Federal Programs 221-5178
Targeted Assistance Federal Programs 221-5220
Teacher Applicants - Elementary School Human Resources 221-4529
Teacher Applicants - High School Human Resources 221-4590
Teacher Applicants - Middle School Human Resources 221-4524
Teacher Applicants - Special Education Human Resources 221-4524
Teacher Certification Human Resources 221-4532
Teacher of the Year Office of Communication 221-4003
Teachers Transfers Human Resources 221-4521
Technology Education & Agriscience Career Technical Department 221-4019
Technology Integration and Professional Development Instructional Technology 221-5142
Terrorist Threats Security 221-4108
Test Trax Passwords and ID’s Management Information Systems 221-4566
Textbooks/Testing Textbooks 221-5106
Theft Security 221-4108
Threats Security 221-4108
Transfers Student Student Discipline/Placement 221-4256
Travel Reimbursement Comptroller / Accounts Payable 221-4438
TRIP (Teacher Resources) Website Instructional Technology 221-5142
Unemployment Compensation Claims Human Resources 221-4531
Uniform Policy Student Services 221-4245
Valedictorian and Salutatorian Selection Guidance Services 221-4310
Vandalism Security 221-4108
Vehicle Maintenance Problems - School Buses/System Vehicles Transportation Series 221-5260
Vendors Purchasing Department 221-4473
Verification of Employment Human Resources 221-4527
Videotaping TV Studio 221-3119
Vital Link Office of Communication 221-4003
Wage & Hour Issues Human Resources 221-4531
Weapons Security 221-4108
Webpage - for Central Office Information Technology 221-5142
Webpage - for Schools Information Technology 221-5142
Weighting of Grades Guidance Services 221-4310
Work Permits for Students Student Discipline/Placement 221-4245


Mobile County Public Schools has earned and maintains system accreditation through AdvancED.