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Alabama's Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP) should be used by all schools in improvement and Title I schools not in improvement to facilitate the planning process.

Under Advanc_Ed Review, Mobile County received accommodations and required actions. Through a process of meeting the required actions, we have implemented ONE VOICE.

See Advanc_Ed notes below for required actions and the rationale.

Required Action
Launch a comprehensive system-wide process of program evaluation to assess the impact of enacted strategies, programs, and initiatives; then make adjustments/abandon accordingly.

Routine monitoring of implementation allows for program evaluation to impact corrections/modifications, and also opens the door for the abandonment of practices that are not yielding expected results.

 ONE VOICE= 4 system goals for all schools

The four goals for our schools are below in accordance with our One Voice focus:

Engage and Empower the learner through high quality K-12 aligned College and Career Ready Standards, instruction, and assessment for all core content areas
Prepare and Support Teachers to graduate College and Career Ready Students
Provide digital tools and resources to all educators and students. (All educators and students will have digital tools to access a comprehensive viable infrastructure when and where they need it)
Prepare and support students through student support services.

              ***Objectives, strategies and activities are to be created by schools using these goals.

Goal 1 is academic. Goals 2, 3, and 4 are organizational goals.


Please note that your technology plan is threaded into your ACIP plan in accordance with the guidance provided by the Technology Coordinator, Michele White as approved by the ALSDE.  if you have questions regarding this, refer to the documents posted and or contact Michele White, 2512216215 or


The ACIP should be developed by a school team that is representative of the challenges being addressed with support from the LEA.

Team members that must be present include the principal, counselor, district school improvement specialist (or other designee), appropriate content-area teachers, parent representatives, and student representatives (as appropriate).


The final plan must be approved by the local education agency's (LEA's) board members and signed by the superintendent, federal programs coordinator, principal, and committee members.

An ACIP is effective for a two-year period and should be reviewed and revised monthly.

For the technical support guidance and other documents provided by the Division of Federal Programs and Information Technology, click here then open the ACIP document folder. You will find the ASSIST goals, technology guidance and ACIP timelines.



The Mobile County Public School System is committed to ensuring that the content on this website is accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities and users of assistive technology. For more information, see our Section 504 Grievance Procedures. Mobile County Public Schools has earned and maintains system accreditation through AdvancED.