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The Continuous Improvement Plan

Alabama's Continuous Improvement Plan (eCIP) should be used by all schools in improvement and Title I schools not in improvement to facilitate the planning process.

The eCIP should be developed by a school team that is representative of the challenges being addressed with support from the LEA.

Team members that must be present include the principal, counselor, district school improvement specialist (or other designee), appropriate content-area teachers, parent representatives, and student representatives (as appropriate).

Three templates are available based on the specific school scenario:
Title I Schoolwide
Title I Targeted Assistance or Non-Title.

The final plan must be approved by the local education agency's (LEA's) board members and signed by the superintendent, federal programs coordinator, principal, and committee members.

An eCIP is effective for a two-year period and should be reviewed and revised monthly.

For the presentation provided by the Division of Federal Programs during the week of May 11, 2011, click here.

For additional resources, use the documents upload section. Mid Year eCIP documents are posted here.