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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Semmes Elementary Celebration of the Arts

Posted by Marcie McNeal in Schools  |  Comments (2)

Semmes Elementary School recently showcased the artistic talents of their K - 5th grade students.  Every student in the school participated in an art contest, Celebration of the Arts. 

Each grade level had a theme that students represented.  Students also had additional artwork on display during the month of April and May at the Semmes branch of the public library art gallery (the Semmesonian - under the direction of Mary Rodning).  Winners of the Celebration of the Arts were announced at the reception. 

Pictured below: first place winners (fifth grade winner, Hailey McLendon, is not pictured). 

First Place:    
Kindergarten - Jenna Bryars
First Grade - Madison Smith
Second Grade - Preston Mosher
Third Grade - Logan Norris
Fourth Grade - Sienna Joubert
Fifth Grade - Hailey McLendon

 Second Place: 
Kindergarten - Kimberly Sanders
First Grade - Emma Fairchild
Second Grade - Alexandria Holliman
Third Grade - Mathew Prine
Fourth Grade - Christopher McLean
Fifth Grade - Ava Sprinkle  

Third Place:    
Kindergarten - Jake Gordon
First Grade - Sadie Norris
Second Grade - Brooklyn Harvell
Third Grade - Kierstyn Bellard
Fourth Grade - Derek Rufer
Fifth Place - Tessa McClure

Honorable Mentions:
Kindergarten - Asia Lyons and Christopher Jordan
First Grade - Jackson Mayo and Aiden Gaston 
Second Grade - Lena Porter and Luke Kroll
Third Grade - Rachel Malloy and Ella Dickens
Fourth Grade - Delaney Stokley and Elise Williams
Fifth Grade - Harley Moody and Austin Harden


Comments on "Semmes Elementary Celebration of the Arts"

5/30/2014 3:57:25 PM CST

1. Renee Grimes said...

The students at Semmes Elem. are amazing! Great job to all students. They love art so much and are so talented. Thanks to the judges Mary Rodning, Rebecca Wright, and Ina Buchanan for giving up their time to help. A special thank you to Ms. Anderson who encourages and supports the art program so very much. And finally, a thank you to Marcie McNeal for helping get this info posted.

5/29/2014 7:52:31 AM CST

2. Vickie Smith said...

Way to go Madison Smith, that's my girl! Your daddy and I are so proud of you! Congratulations to all the kids who participated. Art helps the minds grow. Love the Art program!

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