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Monday, April 07, 2014

MGM teacher selected to study in Japan as Keizai Koho Center fellow

Posted by Marcie McNeal in Schools  |  Comments (3)

Lead teacher of Mary G. Montgomery's Teaching & Learning academy, Ms. Denese Wilson doesn't just teach her students to be lifelong learners, she practices it.  She has been selected as a 2014 Keizai Koho Center Fellow winner.  As one of only ten fellows selected from thousands of highly-qualified candidates from both Canada and the United States she will travel to Japan for two weeks. 

This prestigious honor was not easily won.  The application process is months in the making and as many of her fellow educators applying, she wanted to choose a topic on education.  However, she knew it was important to stand out in the sea of applications, "I approached my proposal on something that my students could relate to" she states, "I chose the economic comparison of the spending habits of young people in Japan and the United States. I chose this topic
because I felt it was an area my economic students would relate to." She will use her information to compare the amount of disposable income Japanese students have, the source of their disposable income, and spending habits among some of her categories.  She feels this will grab the attention of her US students and give them information on a relatable subject-money.  The Keizai Center agreed, writing in her selection letter, 
The Selections Committee felt you would make a positive contribution to the program both as a participant and through your follow through projects. 

Her two weeks in Japan this summer as a fellow will provide her the opportunity to learn firsthand about contemporary Japanese society and enhance her classroom teaching of global perspectives. Activities will include visits to Japanese schools, major companies, industrial facilities, and offers a part she really feels honored about, a 2 day homestay with a Japanese family. "It will be great learning from major companies and other educators, Wilson shares, "but to experience the culture in actual practice is unique honor."
An honor that she's willing to share.  Other than enhancing her students twith he knowledge gain from her Japan study, she also plans to bring experiences and resources back for her fellow US educators. Congratulations to Ms. Wilson on this incredible fellowship.

Comments on "MGM teacher selected to study in Japan as Keizai Koho Center fellow "

4/10/2014 12:14:03 PM CST

1. Donna Salter said...

They made a great selection when they chose Ms. Wilson.  She is an outstanding teacher and has always worked so hard.  I am so happy for her.  Her students will benefit greatly from her experience in Japan.

4/10/2014 10:54:58 AM CST

2. Stephanie LeGrone said...

We are so proud of you, Ms. Wilson! This honor is well deserved. You are an amazing teacher & an inspiration to us all. 

4/10/2014 8:47:39 AM CST

3. Nate Smith said...

Congratulations to Mrs. Denese Wilson on your selection as a Keizai Koho Center fellow!

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