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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It starts with "Fit to Teach" at Collins-Rhodes

Posted by Marcie McNeal in Schools  |  Comments (1)

Click to view how Collins-Rhodes teachers are promoting health

Collins-Rhodes Elementary has adopted a new program based on an old theory.  The program, called “Fit to Teach,” provides educators with a time to focus on fitness, which can be difficult to fit in their daily schedules.

Between teaching, IEP meetings, data meetings, and behavior intervention plans, many
educators are susceptible to high stress levels, elevated blood pressure and cardio pulmonary disease. In order to make life a little calmer, Collins Rhodes Elementary School has made physical fitness convenient for its faculty and staff.

The program is held in the gym three days a week after school, and offers aerobics, weight training, and cardio instruction.  Allowing the brain 'the right tools to learn...and strengthened much the same way as muscles when lifting weights.' (Whiteman2013). 

By incorporating “Fit to Teach” at Collins Rhodes Elementary, the teachers demonstrate to students and parents that having a fit mind and body “Starts With Us." Their goal, according to Gifted Education Specialist, Ms. Gwendolyn Jones,  is "to serve as positive role models for the students we serve as well as our community."   



Comments on "It starts with "Fit to Teach" at Collins-Rhodes"

3/27/2014 2:17:06 PM CST

1. Darleen said...

Way to go Collins-Rhodes!!! Wish we were doing this at THS! Keep up the good work!

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