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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October is statewide Parent Visitation month

Posted by Comm. Dept. in Communications  |  Comments (2)

October is Statewide Parent Visitation Month in Alabama and the Mobile County Public School System is inviting parents and others to The 4th R: The Relationship Between Family and School by attending  special school events during the month of October.

With research that shows students achieve more when parents are involved in their education, the Mobile County Public School System will participate in the Alabama Department of Education's Statewide Parent Visitation Month on October 24, 2011. While the event is referred to as "Parent" Month, anyone responsible for raising school-aged children is welcome to attend. The theme for the event is The 4th R: The Relationship Between Family and School.

The Mobile County Public School System has planned special events as a way of informing adults of the importance of their involvement in their school-aged children's education. October has been set aside for special activities aimed at getting parents and others to invest in their children's education and learn more about what goes on in their children's lives while they are at school.

The Mobile County Public School System will join with Alabama public schools/systems across the state in hosting The 4th R: The Relationship Between Family and School Statewide Parent Visitation Month events. "The goal is to connect home and school better," said former State Superintendent of Education Joseph B. Morton. "Parent involvement-now more than ever-is a key factor to student success in school year-round. By setting aside a specific month, our public schools can focus on the importance of parent involvement and investment in their children's education."

Scheduled sessions include local and state initiatives such as the Alabama Reading Initiative, Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative, school policies,safety issues and several Parent Universities across the system.

To learn more about The 4th R: The Relationship Between Family and School Statewide Parent Visitation Month and parent involvement opportunities throughout the school year, contact your local school or school system ( or Paula Reese at 221-5218/


Comments on "October is statewide Parent Visitation month"

10/7/2011 3:01:59 AM CST

1. Annette Johnson said...

As a new volunteer respite parent, I had the opportunity to attend the Murphy High School Parent Meeting last week.  The meeting was really informative and and I found great information about the goals our school has set for the 2011-12 school term.  I also heard about several resources and opportunities available for our students and parents...As a teacher, I am also very grateful for the parents and staff present.  Attendees and presenters were focused and direct in setting their goal to see our students succeed!

10/5/2011 8:10:41 PM CST

2. Anita Green said...

Thank you for planning this activity.  It will do wonders for both students and parents

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