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Monday, January 11, 2010

Murphy Students Chosen for Prestigious Program

Posted by Comm. Dept. in Schools  |  Comments (11)

The Alabama Sports Festival sponsors the Alabama Students Against Tobacco (ASAT) Ambassador Program.  The Ambassadors work to encourage their peers to avoid tobacco products and serve as positive role models in their community.  They may be called upon to represent the program at various public functions, to record public service announcements speaking out against tobacco use, or to appear on radio and television talk shows.  Students from across the state are chosen for this prestigious honor to represent six areas of the state.  The four students chosen from Murphy High School are members of the school's Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT) group and will represent Area 5, which includes Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, Clark, and Choctaw counties. Those pictured in the photo from left to right are:  Luka Sogorovic, Hilary Young, MHS Principal William Smith, Haley Hastings, and Christina Cook

Comments on "Murphy Students Chosen for Prestigious Program"

1/26/2010 7:29:11 AM CST

1. Kaylyn Watson said...

You all inspire me!! Im in swat at davidson so i hope i can do as well as you all.

1/25/2010 12:34:59 PM CST

2. Kerri Bouler said...

I'm proud of you guys!!! It's GREAT to be a Murphy Panther!!!!

1/21/2010 3:27:48 PM CST

3. xavier j craig aka king 45 said...

congrats from an old friend and clasmate i miss you all

1/21/2010 10:26:13 AM CST

4. J. Davis said...

Go MIghty Panthers!! Congratulations on your achievement.

1/20/2010 9:50:46 AM CST

5. Ashton Jackson((: said...

You Guys Are Awesome, . Congratuations, (: I Went To Murphy Last Year And It Is A Fine School, . Im So Proud Of You All, . ((: Keep Up The Good Work, ! Congrats Luka, ((:

1/20/2010 8:35:55 AM CST

6. Dana Johnson said...

Congratulations! I am enthused for yall! Keep up the good work!

1/15/2010 11:38:04 AM CST

7. Holly Norris said...

Congratulations! I am so proud of you all! It is an honor to work with you in SWAT!

1/13/2010 12:28:29 PM CST

8. Abyiah said...

wow thats awesome i hope that i will be in the same program next year

1/12/2010 9:44:28 AM CST

9. Ricky Allbee(: said...

I Would Like To Congratulate Them For What They Have Done & To Keep Up The Good Work Hope To See You Go Far In Life

1/12/2010 7:10:19 AM CST

10. Leo Straughn said...

WOW!!!!  What an honor!  You ALL are terrfic representatives of "Panther Pride".  Thank you for honoring Murphy HS>

1/12/2010 6:03:49 AM CST

11. Annette Johnson said...

Congratulations to all...Keep up the good work...your peers are counting on you!

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