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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

McDavid-Jones Pilots Blue Ribbon Programs

Posted by Comm. Dept. in Schools  |  Comments (1)

McDavid-Jones Elementary School received 2 blue ribbons for their booths at the Greater Gulf State Fair!

McDavid-Jones is honored to have written the pilot program for Classroom in the Forest: Forest in the ClassroomTM for PreK through fourth grade classes. Prior to the writing of this program for lower grades, Classroom in the Forest: Forest in the ClassroomTM was for fifth grade classes only.

Both booths were headed up by parent volunteer Jackie Sutton. Ms. Sutton has a son in the fourth grade. The booth theme was centered around Classroom in the Forest: Forest in the ClassroomTM  and issued a challenge to those viewing it to see just how many items in the booth came from trees - one of our most valuable renewable resources.

McDavid-Jones began a new pilot program this year by having 4H for all students in kindergarten through the fifth grade. The club meetings are held one day a month lasting for approximately 30 minutes. Parent volunteers work with each teacher's schedule and come to the classroom to present an activity for the class, beginning with learning the 4H motto and pledge. The 4H booth was headed up by Brandi Lynch who has a son in kindergarten. Parent volunteers play a very important role as McDavid-Jones team members!

Schools that are interested in learning more about 4H and Classroom in the Forest: Forest in the ClassroomTM should contact Jane Hartselle (Regional Extension Agent for Mobile and Washington County) at 251-574-8445.

Comments on "McDavid-Jones Pilots Blue Ribbon Programs"

12/11/2009 1:54:18 AM CST

1. Annette Johnson said...

Congratulations McDavid-Jones Elementary and Job Well Done!  The booth was excellent as always...What an awesome program.  I too, was fortunate to have been in   4-H in middle school and the values we developed nearly 40 years ago are still an important part of my life today...

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