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Teaching Experience

Experience Credit is given as follows:

  1. The teacher shall be responsible for furnishing proof to establish experience credit.  Forms shall be furnished by the Division of Human Resources.
  2. Credit shall be given only for satisfactory full-time public school teaching experience in-field for which full pay was received and for which a valid certificate was held by the applicant.
  3. Credit shall be given for teaching in a public college/university provided the teacher and the administrator under whom he/she served were eligible for professional certificates in the state where the school is located.

For College Experience:

  1. Name the administrator during period of employment verified.
  2. Type of teaching certificate the administrator held during the period of employment verified.
  3. Type of teaching certificate for which he/she was eligible.
  4. Type of teaching certificate for which the applicant was eligible during period of employemnt verified.


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