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Teaching and Assessing for Learning

Folder Indicator 3.1 (3 Files)
Download 3.1 Course or program descriptions
Download 3.1 Learning expectations for different courses or programs
Download 3.1 Survey Results
Folder Indicator 3.2 (5 Files)
Download 3.2 Products Scope and Sequence Curriculum Maps
Download 3.2 Program Descriptions
Download 3.2 Curriculum Writing Process
Download 3.2 Common Assessments
Download 3.2 Description of the systematic review process for curriculum instruction and assessment
Folder Indicator 3.3 (4 Files)
Download 3.3 Examples of PD offerings tied to instructional strategies
Download 3.3 Examples of Use of Technology and resources for instruction
Download 3.3 PD Offerings tied to results from Supervision and evaluation
Download 3.3 Interdisciplinary Projects
Folder Indicator 3.4 (4 Files)
Download 3.4 Administrative Classroom Observation Protocals and Logs
Download 3.4 Curriculum Guides
Download 3.4 Instructional Audit and Walkthrough administrative tools
Download 3.4 Program Specific Professional Development and Plans
Folder Indicator 3.5 (5 Files)
Download 3.5 Agendas and collaborative meetings
Download 3.5 Calendar of Learning Community Meetings
Download 3.5 Peer Coaching guidelines and procedures
Download 3.5 Professional Development Funding
Download 3.5 Common language protocals and reporting tools
Folder Indicator 3.6 (4 Files)
Download 3.6 Assessment Examples
Download 3.6 Examples of Learning Expectations
Download 3.6 Samples of Exemplars Used to Guide Instruciton
Download 3.6 Survey Results
Folder Indicator 3.7 (5 Files)
Download 3.7 Descriptions and schedules of mentoring, coaching, and induction programs
Download 3.7 Professional learning calendar with activities for new staff
Download 3.7 Personnel Manuals
Download 3.7 Records of Meetings and Informal Sessions
Download 3.7 Survey Results
Folder Indicator 3.8 (3 Files)
Download 3.8 Calendar Outlining Child's progress
Download 3.8 List of Communication Modes with Families
Download 3.8 Examples of Learning expectations
Folder Indicator 3.9 (2 Files)
Download 3.9 Formalized structure to advocate for students
Download 3.9 Master schedule with times for formalized structure
Folder Indicator 3.10 (4 Files)
Download 3.10 Policies processes and procedures on grading and reporting
Download 3.10 School system quality control procedures on monitoring of grading procedures
Download 3.10 Sample communications on grading and reporting
Download 3.10 Sample report card progress reports
Folder Indicator 3.11 (3 Files)
Download 3.11 Crosswalk between professional learning and system purpose and direction
Download 3.11 School system professional development plan involving the system and schools
Download 3.11 System quality control procedures showing implementation showing professional development
Folder Indicator 3.12 (4 Files)
Download 3.12 Data used to identify unique learning needs of students
Download 3.12 List of Populations served support services
Download 3.12 Schedules Plans and Implementation of learning support services
Download 3.12 Training and professional learning related to unique characteristics of learning


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