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Purpose: The purpose of the At Risk Program is to provide additional services to address the needs of students at risk. These services involve increasing the amount and quality of student instructional time. Non-governmental, non-profit community agencies are invited to develop and participate in activities that enhance educational opportunities for at risk students.

Description: State At Risk funds are used to provide a variety of intervention programs. The pre-kindergarten program focuses on early intervention for students at high poverty elementary school sites. Each pre-kindergarten unit consists of eighteen (13) four-year-olds, a teacher, and an assistant. At risk pre-school students learn readiness skills, which will increase their opportunities for success in the regular school program.

Behavioral intervention strategies include the Retract Program. Retract provides an alternative to out-of-school suspension in the regular high school and middle school settings. Students are placed in an environment, isolated from the main stream of students, for self-reflective purposes. Students are counted present and given credit for completed assignments.

Instructional intervention is the focus for twenty percent (20%) of the At Risk funds allocated for non-governmental, non-profit community organization/agency partnerships. Contracts are awarded on a competitive basis to address the identified academic needs of students.

Services/Activities Available
All High School Retract

Five Middle School Retract

A. Calloway-Smith Middle

B. Mae Eanes Middle

C. Pillans Middle

D. Semmes Middle

20% Community Agency Partnership


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