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It is the mission of the Security Department to provide a safe, secure and law-abiding environment conducive to teaching and learning for all students and staff.






It is the objective of the Mobile County Public School System to create a safe, secure, law-abiding environment, which is conducive to learning. In order to accomplish that objective it is necessary for local school administrators to “set the tone” and then rely on the back up and support of the Security Department. The Security Department provides that back up and support through a variety of initiatives. Those initiatives include the Resource Officer Program, The Uniformed Security Officer Program, and the Contract Uniformed Security Officer Program. As with most organizations, the degree of success is directly related to the performance of the employees. The employees of the Security Department are truly a most valuable asset. The Security Department employees are experienced, knowledgeable professionals, who are dedicated to the accomplishment of the aforementioned objective. The Security Department also employs technology in the form of video surveillance camera systems, intrusion alarm systems, electronic communication systems, metal detectors, and computers to supplement and enhance the efforts of its employees. The Security Department also benefits from an excellent, cooperative working relationship, which has been aggressively solicited and established with all local law enforcement agencies. An example of same would be the routine scheduling and use of the various law enforcement agencies drug dogs on the school campuses.