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Talents Unlimited
A critical and creative thinking skills model that enhances the learning of children everywhere
A critical and creative thinking skills model that enhances the learning of children everywhere

 Coming in 2015: Talents Unlimited Association

All educators who have received the Talents Unlimited initial training will be invited to join the online Talents Unlimited Association. This is a professional networking website that opens a worldwide platform for conversations among other Talents educators.

  • Online access to initial training led by nationally certified trainers who are adminstrators and classroom teachers.
  •  Quarterly subscription for Talents trained educators only $49.00 with a 20% discount for 10 or more subscriptions per school. Includes several standards-based kernel ideas using all content areas, videos of model lessons, tours of demonstration sites, and more!
  •  Blogs, forums, videos, and other features will allow users to build a worldwide network of Talents Unlimited educators.


 Talents Unlimited Office

1 Magnum Pass
Mobile, AL 36618
(251) 221-5178
FAX (251) 221-5177


The thinking abilities of our children represent some of our world's most valuable resources. For many years in education, much of these abilities have been neglected because only one kind of thinking talent, the academic, has received direct attention.

Research confirms that children possess potential for many kinds of thinking abilities important to success both in the work-a-day world and in school. The Talents Unlimited program framework highlights the Productive Thinking, Communication, Planning, Forecasting, and Decision Making, in addition to the Academic talent.

Talents Unlimited is a staff development program designed to empower teachers to identify and nurture the multiple thought process talents of ALL students. On-going training in the Talents Unlimited processes demonstrates how the research on multiple talents can be efficiently and effectively integrated within a teacher's current instructional program. Students can then use more of their thinking powers to understand and apply academic information in meaningful ways. This approach does not take the place of learning academic skills, but rather enhances the learning process.

Academic Talent

The Academic talent provides the foundation for a quality education. This is the talent children use when they recall facts.These are right and wrong answers to an activity using the Academic talent, and skill in this talent is essential for a quality education. A child cannot be successful thinking creatively or critically without information upon which to base his/her thinking.

In these activities, a child is asked to recall information. The other five talent areas require a child to go beyond the recall level and think about academic content in more challenging ways. However, the Talents teacher always has a focused, academic purpose for each Talents teaching/learning activity.

Productive Thinking Talent

Every day we look for new ways to make life better, safer, more interesting. The focus of this talent is originality, the child must be a kind of inventor thinking of new and creative ways to look at a problem.

Communication Talent

The ability to effectively communicate ideas, needs, and feelings to other people is important for success in today's world. When a child uses the Communication talent in a learning situation, he produces either oral language, written language, or non-verbal language.

The Communication talent involves six different, but related, skills which are closely connected to the academic classroom curriculum.

Forecasting Talent

The Forecasting talent is a thought process using two different skills to deliberately investigate academic concepts/situations. One skill asks a child to look to the past to think of a variety of events or circumstances that might have logically caused the situation to occur. The other skill asks the child to look to the future of the situation to make logical predictions about the variety of effects this situation might have.

Decision Making Talent

An adult makes many decisions each day. Some are of a split-second nature, while others are more important and can have long-range impact. These types of decisions need to be made more carefully.

A Talents teacher helps students learn to make thoughtful, accountable decisions by guiding them through the five skills of the Decision Making talent as they make a meaningful choice related to their academic learning.

Planning Talent

People make plans before engaging in many daily tasks at work and at home such as shopping, construction, banking, teaching, landscaping, sales, etc. Plans can be simple or more complex depending on the particular project or action.

A Talents teacher helps students learn to become more organized and thoughtful by allowing them to plan classroom learning activities. This involvement encourages students' ownership of the project or action and sets the stage for their independence and success in life-related situations.

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The guiding purpose of TALENTS UNLIMITED, Inc. is to promote and protect the Talents Unlimited program for the benefit of learners world wide.
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