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Questions and Answers

Please submit all questions/concerns regarding the Document Handling to

This site will list all "Questions and Answers" on an ongoing basis. We look forward to your questions/concerns, and we will try our best to address all questions and have them posted daily. Scroll below to to view the questions and answers.

Thank You

Questions and Answers


1. How are confidential documents handled?

Answer: Each person will be issued a "user code" to access their particular print job that is sent to a network copier.    The print job will not print until the user code is entered.


How do we copy incidentals, such as:

Progress reports

Parent newsletter

Parent notes

Re-teaching material

Intervention material

DCA analysis sheet

Bulletin board materials

Concept board materials

Alabama History workbook materials (maps)


Substitute material


Kronos reports


AR forms

Weekly Reader skills

EQT study guides

Study guides for all subjects

ARMT/SAT materials

Fluency practice


Answer: All of the above material will be carefully looked at by Xerox and the end user

to determine whether it should be printed at the school level or Print Shop

3. I have to print patron labels, barcode labels and

Accelerated Reader book level labels. Will I be able to print labels?

Answer: Yes

4. Are inkjet printers going to be removed from the classrooms and office areas?

Answer: Inkjet printers will remain in their current location.
However, the Document Solution Contract/Xerox will not be fully implemented until
after January, 2011, at which time specific printing will be discussed with all
end users to determine the best method of printing.

5. Will the Central Office fund the maintenance/support for ink Jet printers?

Answer: After the Document Solution Contract has been fully implemented,
the Central Office will no longer provide funding for the maintenance/support
for ink jet printers at both the Central Office and Schools. The decision is
based on how costly it is to print on an ink jet printer as opposed to printing
on a laserJet or Copier.

6. There are times when I use my inkjet printer to print posters for classroom
use. I splice together many sheets to creat large posters. Will this be handled
with the Xerox contract? 

Answer: Yes. The print job that is described above can be submitted to the
Central Print Shop.

7. Will laserjet  printers be allowed to stay connected to the network in the classrooms?

Answer: As of now, all print devices will remain connected. Once the program is fully implemented, it
will be determined at that time which print device remains connected to the network.

8. Will this contract cover supplying paper to the individual schools?


Per the contract, the school system will purchase paper based on a formula determined by the number of copies, copiers, printers, etc.


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